Data Destruction

Sage provides accountability and control at every step, with a documented audit process that guarantees your protection.


We use the world's best tools to destroy your data.  But the vast majority of data breaches are from loss or theft, not a process failure.  So we integrate pervasive inventory control into every logistics and sanitization procedure to ensure we account for everything, all the time.  And once your data's history, we can prove it.


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Resources & Downloads

Off-Network Data Risk: Achieving Security and Compliance Whitepaper

Proof is security

"Any process can fail, so the validation and documentation of successful data destruction is our most valuable service." —Jarod, Director of Data Security
Key Features

Technology Support

  • All business and consumer technology is supported, including PC, mobility, server, storage, networking, and print/copy.

Service Options

  • We'll perform data destruction services at your place or ours, including multi-pass erasure, shredding, or degaussing.
  • Our standard processes comply with NIST 800-88. We are pleased to comply with any other customer requirement, including DOD.

Security Repository

  • All certified data destruction records are available online for each asset sanitized.
How we do it better
Systematic controls enforce sanitization protocols for every type of data bearing asset.
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Sage is proud to be an official
Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.

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