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Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Chick-fil-A


Donor: Chick-fil-A | Donation: 12 laptops

Sporting events are often an excitable place. The fans cheering, the energy flowing, and even the drama unfolding of players pushing themselves toward a goal. It’s because of these emotions that many athletes pursue a faith-oriented lifestyle. Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ (FCA’s) goal is to engage, equip, and empower coaches and athletes to unite, inspire, and change the world through the gospel message.

Technology is amazing at bridging communities from across the globe, spanning generations, and connecting people around a common goal. The FCA International staff was having difficulty making these connections for lack of technology in their Dominican Republic satellite. Without funding for electronic devices to facilitate sharing their passion, the coaches and athletes in the DR were stifled.

The Good that was done:

Thankfully, one of Sage’s customers with a heart for this message of hope was eager to move some of their corporate laptops to a better home than the recycler. After we wiped all the data and completely refurbished the devices, GoodTogether coordinated for 12 laptops to find their way to the FCA group in South America.

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