Brice Bunner

Limitless Recreation Endures With Surplus IT Asset Donation

Request: Updating a sport and recreation facility

Donor: Huntington | Donation: 8 Tablets, 10 Laptops

Self esteem and S'mores

With a 125 acres devoted to bringing sports, recreation, and education to individuals with disabilities across the central Ohio region, Recreation Unlimited (RU) was able to help build self-confidence, self-esteem and promote positive social relations for over 3,200 students in 2019. Coordinating this kind of facility can be a challenge for a non-profit and the lack of technology can become an insurmountable obstacle.recreation unlimited_ sage sustainable electronicsAs the rest of the world progresses with the latest and best technology, RU has been working with a serviceable set of devices and very limited wifi access. So, when long-time friend Huntington Bank was looking to put their surplus IT assets to good use, Recreation Unlimited saw an opportunity of a lifetime. In fact, CEO Paul Huttlin said, “This donation was a life saver and really couldn't have come at a better time… [it’s] fantastic!”

Timely donation breathes new life

Just before the quarantine of 2020 hit, Huntington, through GoodTogether, delivered 10 Laptops to the campsite, a perfect solution to the new difficulties that remote connection and quarantine put on the camp. Many of the new devices were sent home with staff members so they could stay in contact with their students and prospective donors—a critical component for the non-profit to keep its doors open. And as area-wide wifi is being installed, the 8 donated tablets powered up, and once the restrictions are lifted, Recreation on those campgrounds will truly be Unlimited.

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