Certified Refurbished Electronics

What are the advantages of buying Certified Refurbished Electronics?

Whether you are a parent working from home, a business owner, an IT professional, a student, or a nonprofit, buying Sage certified refurbished electronics translates to a mighty bargain at very high quality, and a sustainable alternative to buying new.

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Let’s Talk Quality

Certified translates to standards. At Sage, high standards and quality are the foundation of our business. And the products we offer are commercial grade. Sage provides technology retirement services to the Fortune 1000 across the country. That means every device we offer has been scrupulously cared for during its life in the corporate fleet - and then fully refurbished by Sage for the next user. Because commercial grade devices are more durable, they have a longer life in them than consumer products. They are also built to be upgraded.

Sage is proud to be a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, ensuring every device has an authentic Microsoft software license, protecting you from the threats that unlicensed devices pose. This underscores our commitment to quality and doing things the right way for our customers.

The Sage certified refurbishing process safely erases, cleans, updates, and restores each device for a like-new experience. Our 1-year warranty and no questions asked 10-day return policy allows you to buy with confidence at unbeatable prices. Learn more about our commitment to you.

Be A Force in Sustainability

Did you know that over 90% of the carbon impact of a NEW device occurs before you buy it? The waste occurs mining for the materials, including rare-earth minerals, refining the metals and plastics, shipping parts from all over the world to manufacturers, packaging in Styrofoam and cardboard, and transporting halfway around the world to a retailer near you. Buying fewer new gadgets, and trying certified refurbished technology, protects our natural resources for future generations.

Join us in reducing the e-waste in our world. Be green. It’s the smart and the right thing to do in a society where consumption is exponentially increasing. Purchasing certified refurbished electronics ensures precious materials from the earth are not becoming e-waste after only one use. As we say at Sage, ‘your gadgets have more to give’.

Be a part of the reuse revolution.

Learn more about our mission and try certified refurbished electronics today, risk free.

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The Sage Promise

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The Sage Promise Guarantee: We promise our customers a like-new device experience and great value from every refurbished and open box electronic device we offer.

Our promise to you includes:

- Every refurbished product costs a fraction of buying new.

- Every product we offer is carefully and professionally tested and refurbished by people who love and understand technology.

- Every refurbished product is delivered clean and carefully packaged.

- Every refurbished product is safe and completely cleared of any data from previous users.

- Every refurbished product arrives with everything you need to get started, including new and fully-licensed operating system software where required.

- Every item includes a minimum one year warranty.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: We want you to be satisfied with your Sage purchase, so you may return any item within ten days of our invoice date, no questions asked. All purchases from Sage Sustainable Electronics® are covered by a minimum one year Limited Product Warranty. Sage guarantees that your product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship from the original date of purchase through the end of the Warranty period, or Sage will replace defective products, no questions asked.

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Sage is proud to be an official
Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.

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